Portland, feed me please.

Portland Post-trip Celebration I woke early to head to Astoria's transit station for an 8:30 AM bus to Portland. I have four days and three nights to explore one of America's most interesting cities. I sat around the bus station with some nomads heading towards Portland as well. Luckily for me, the bus charges five... Continue Reading →


The final pedal.

STATS: Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon to Astoria, Oregon Distance: 45 miles  Elevation: +3,199 ft / -3,297 ft Last night was such a peaceful evening, and the thought of ending the trip really didn't cloud my mind at all. The beauty of this bike tour has been tomorrow is always worried about tomorrow, and rarely... Continue Reading →

The Last Night Was Just What I Wanted

STATS: Pacific City, Oregon to Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon Distance: 65 miles Elevation: +3,450 ft / -3,297 ft Even though I was sleeping on an incredibly comfortable couch with the view of the ocean outside the window, I just couldn't sleep past 6 AM. I journaled away about the previous day's adventure, and eventually got... Continue Reading →


STATS:  Corvallis, Oregon to Pacific City, Oregon Distance: 90.2 miles Elevation: +4,393 ft / -4,472 ft Another excellent night's sleep because of being in a bed. I woke up feeling well rested and ready to tackle this 90 mile day to Pacific City. I had no plans on where I would stay tonight, but nothing... Continue Reading →

Friends turned Family

STATS:Eugene, Oregon to Corvallis, Oregon Distance: 45 miles  Elevation: +328 ft / -518 ft I woke up naturally around 6:30 AM. I was in no rush to say bye to the group I've spent time with for the past two weeks. It's really incredible how fast time ticks out here. I put together a quick... Continue Reading →

Rest Day in Eugene

STATS: Rest Day in Eugene  Distance: 7 miles around town Elevation: N/A I woke up and felt like a train hit me. Apparently, I was having a small allergy attack. I found out from Kevin that Eugene is known for major pollen issues from grass seed farms. Nothing serious came of it though, and it went... Continue Reading →

Oh, I’ve missed you Eugene. 

STATS:  McKenzie Bridge, Oregon to Eugene, Oregon Distance: 60 miles Elevation: +1,250 ft / -2,123 ft Recently, we've been able to wake up and not worry about morning dew plaguing our tents. The weather is legit PERFECT. Cool and breezy. Life is slow for me right now, and that's exactly how I like it. I... Continue Reading →

McKenzie’s Pass was Incredible

STATS:  Smith Rock State Park, Oregon to McKenzie Bridge, Oregon Distance: 75 miles  Elevation: +3,765 ft / -5,315 ft What an amazing night's rest. I woke up just before my alarm and sat up feeling well rested. I packed up pretty quickly, and even performed a quick tent cleanup from the gravel that found its... Continue Reading →

Another Wonderful Oregon Night

STATS:  Mitchell, Oregon to Smith Rock State Park, Oregon Distance: 67 miles Elevation: +3,360 ft / -3,301 ft I don't think I've slept that sound in weeks. It was one of those nights where you wake up in the same position you fell asleep in. The best part of the hostel was not having to... Continue Reading →

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